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2019 was the year 2 friends and I established Prime Apparel. We were all in school and barely had enough money to start out, but one thing we had was determination. The 3 of us were very much alike, shared interests in sports, similar styles, and a desire to create our own clothing brand.

This idea was heavy on our mind for a few months. Over the next few months we would discuss ideas, goals, and what type of clothes we want to create for people - we would spend all of our class time, recess and lunch discussing this

Aft some months of contemplating and brainstorming, our first ever launch happened. Fortunately for us we had an amazing support from school peers and even some people from outside of school. (We managed to sell out our first drop!) (Sold out multiple times on multiple drops)

Nowadays I'm the sole owner of Prime Apparel and continue to elevate the brand in all areas possible. I've decided to head the brand into a athleisure style (2023), mixing streetwear with sports wear (originally a streetwear brand) something thats not seen a lot in Australia. Each product is designed to improve your wardrobe whilst still giving customers the chance to participate in athletic activities.

By Musa Dukuly,

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